Bucket List Adventures That Will Change Your Life Forever

Written: The Top Thing Staff | April 4, 2023

Experiences to Cross Off Your Bucket List That Will Completely Transform Your Life

One of the best ways to form memories and develop as a person is to embark on an adventure. Also, it is a wonderful opportunity to discover new things, to get to know new people, to gain an understanding of other cultures, and even to find oneself. There is no better time than the present to get started making plans for the activities on your bucket list.

Get a tattoo or piercing.

Piercings and tattoos are both common ways for people to express themselves; yet, they are both irreversible modifications. Consider how your piercings or tattoos will appear when you are 80 years old if you are on the fence about having one. Will it still have any bearing on things? Will you be reminded of a period in your life that was significant at the time but has now lost its significance?

If this sounds like something that could happen to you—and let’s face it, if anyone would get an embarrassing tattoo when they were young and stupid, it would be college students—you might want to think about delaying such an irreversible decision until later in life if it sounds like something that could happen to you.

Spend the night in a tent in the woods.

Camping is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time outside and get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. There is a new experience waiting for you out there, whether you’re going camping just for enjoyment or as part of a competition in the great outdoors.

Here are some tips for getting started:

Pick a spot to set up your tent where there won’t be too many other people nearby. This could be a less-visited national or state park, or it could simply be a remote area of the woods that no one else is familiar with. When you go camping, the last thing you want to do is deal with other people; you want to be alone.

Before you go, make sure you pack everything you’ll need, and then when you reach at your location, all that will be left to do is set up your tent and start having fun! Not only the food, but also the water bottles, if they are required (and make sure to keep them cold!). Also remember to bring sunscreen, as well as bug spray or cream if you think you might need it based on the location or the time of year. For example, the humidity levels in a rainforest tend to be high during the months of November through April, which is the rainy season. During this time, mosquitoes thrive due to the rising moisture levels, which causes them to have more breeding grounds within areas where humans live, such as inside homes because there aren’t as many air conditioning systems installed during this time period. This

Take advantage of the unexpected and plan a day excursion to a location you’ve never been before!

Check that you have enough money to get there before you leave.

Check that you will arrive at your destination with with time to spare.

Check certain you have enough energy to get there before you leave.

Be sure that you have the necessary amount of patience to make it there.

And lastly, make sure that you are confident in your response to the question of why on earth we are going on this vacation to a place that is so far away from home without any prior planning or preparation. This question is bound to come up at some point.

Participate in a brand-new activity, such as painting, dancing, or mastering the art of snowboarding.

Consider picking up a new pastime if you’re searching for something that will push you outside of your comfort zone and introduce you to new people. After just one month of taking painting classes or participating in a community orchestra as a trombone player, you might be shocked by how much your life has changed.

When you are trying to figure out what kind of professional route could be best for you, taking up a new hobby can help you discover more about yourself and who you are as an individual. This can be valuable information to have when making that decision. Taking part in any form of artistic endeavour can, if nothing else, give people something intriguing to discuss during social gatherings.


Skydiving is a thrilling activity that will completely alter the course of your life for the better. Skydiving is an enjoyable and risk-free activity that offers participants a unique vantage point on life.

Skydiving gives you the chance to connect with new people and create lasting memories with those you jump with.

Go through the jungle atop the back of an elephant!

Elephants are incredible animals, and if you ever get the chance to ride one, you really should. It is possible to exploit them for tourism or logging, but neither of these uses is environmentally friendly or sustainable. Elephants are in risk of extinction and need to be preserved; as a result, each and every one of us has a responsibility to ensure that we do not cause them any harm by riding on their backs or cutting down trees, as this could disrupt their natural habitat.

Spend some time in Bali learning how to surf.

Spend some time in Bali learning how to surf.

Who would have thought that learning how to surf might take as little as a few days? Now, if you go to Bali, you can pretty much count on that happening to you! Even if you’ve never surfed before, you won’t have any trouble standing up on the board since the waves are so good and the instructors are so good at helping people do it. In addition to that, it is an inexpensive destination to go to get away from it all for a few days and spend some time with friends or family members unwinding and enjoying the beach (or both).

Lessons are available on a variety of beaches, most of which are within a short driving distance of one another. Choose the beach that best meets your requirements from the following options: At Kuta Beach, there are numerous guesthouses where visitors can stay while they are taking lessons, and at Nusa Dua, there are opulent hotels where visitors can stay after they have taken their initial steps toward becoming fully-fledged surfers. At this stretch of beach, Uluwatu is known for having some of the most breathtaking views as well as some of the most difficult breakers for experienced surfers looking for bigger thrills than those found elsewhere along this coastline…

Take a boat excursion to Antarctica and see it for yourself.

On this planet, Antarctica is the continent that is the windiest, driest, and coldest. It is also home to some of the most spectacular fauna found anywhere in the globe. The Antarctic Peninsula is a thin strip of land that juts out into the Southern Ocean like a finger pointing towards South America’s southernmost tip. Cruise ships can sail around the Antarctic Peninsula to reach Antarctica, which is located at the southernmost tip of South America. Because it provides visitors with the opportunity to see penguins in their natural habitat (they’re cute! ), as well as whales swimming near shoreline cliffs, where they can be viewed from above or below water level depending on your preference for what kind of experience you’d like, the region has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Go over the desert on the back of a camel.

It is essential to have the ability to ride a camel if you are going to be travelling through a desert environment. Before you even consider mounting your camel, your first order of business is to check and see that it has had adequate rest and, if necessary, food. If your animal appears to be exhausted or hungry, it will likely be difficult for them to carry both you and all of your belongings at the same time.

When you’ve finished taking care of everything, it’s time to get in the saddle and hang on for dear life! If you are not familiar with camels, riding across sand dunes can be a challenging experience, and you should make every effort not to tumble off of your mount.

You should also bring some water with you in case things get heated while you’re standing out there in the sun. However, you should be careful that they don’t get too much liquid into their mouths because otherwise they can throw up on themselves (or even worse, on us!). If it is at all possible, we should try to get our hands on some bottled water so that we don’t throw away any of our resources.

Participate in a safari in Africa.

Going on safari in Africa is one of those experiences that will stick with you for a very long time. It’s one of those things on your bucket list that will change your life forever, and for good reason: nothing else compares to seeing the wildebeest migration or watching a pride of lions take down an elephant in front of your very eyes. Both of these experiences are unforgettable.

If money is no object (and who among us doesn’t have a little extra cash laying around? ), then we recommend going on safari in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. There are numerous areas in Africa where you may go on safari; Botswana, Zambia, and Tanzania are among the best possibilities. This park is home to a wide variety of animals, from elephants to rhinoceros; if you’re searching for a more comfortable camping experience than a typical trip offers, you may stay at one of the many luxury camps located inside its borders.

Take some time to unwind on a beach in Kauai.

The primary Hawaiian Island that is located the farthest north and is the oldest is Kauai. Because it has a tropical environment with pleasant temperatures all year long, it is a perfect destination for people who enjoy going to the beach as well as others who enjoy being outside. We are not exaggerating when we say that the island is home to some of the best snorkelling places on Earth as well as some of the best beaches in the world (there are plenty of both).

When you go to Kauai, you will have the opportunity to partake in a variety of sports, such as scuba diving and sailing, in addition to relaxing on the stunning beaches and listening to the sound of the waves breaking.

Gondola rides are a popular activity in Venice, Italy.

Gondola rides are a popular activity in Venice, Italy.

Gondola rides are a popular way to experience Venice’s waterways.

Ride in a gondola in Venice!

In Peru, you may get a bird’s-eye view of Machu Picchu by paragliding above it.

Machu Picchu, which is located in Peru and is widely regarded as one of the continent’s most famous tourist destinations, is an excellent choice. It was constructed by Incan monarchs approximately 600 years ago as a refuge from their capital city Cusco, which is located high in the Andes Mountains and overlooks the city of Cusco, Peru. After Hiram Bingham’s discovery of it in 1911, the city remained concealed for hundreds of additional years; ever since then, it has been visited by millions of tourists each year.

It is claimed that the ancient Peruvians gave the ruins the name Machu Picchu, which translates to “old mountain” in the Quechua language. This is because the ancient Peruvians thought the ruins resembled mountains when viewed from particular angles or distances (the Spanish named them “Old Mountain”). The actual site encompasses a little more than eight square miles, and it is comprised of temples, terraces, and homes built out of stone blocks that can weigh up to 50 tons each.

Visit the Grand Canyon by helicopter in Arizona, United States of America.

When you’re in Arizona, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon from above on a helicopter flight. The Grand Canyon is widely regarded as one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the world, and yet it can be reached from Phoenix or Scottsdale in little under an hour. While flying over this enormous canyon, you will have the opportunity to take in some breathtaking panoramas. The Colorado River is located at the canyon’s lowest point, which is 446 meters below sea level, while its highest point is 6,200 meters above sea level (Mather Point).

The flight lasts approximately half an hour and costs between $250 and $300 USD per person for adults and $200 USD for youngsters under the age of 13 years old. If you want to do something other than simply fly over the canyon, there are also hiking tours available. On these tours, guides will take groups of hikers down into various parts of the canyon based on the fitness level of the individuals in the group to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe experience.

Because of this, you should try to savour every moment of your life.

Because of this, you should try to savour every moment of your life.

When there is anything that can be done today, don’t put it off till tomorrow.

Don’t be scared to put yourself out there and make mistakes when trying new things (because you will).

When you are in a position where you require assistance, don’t be hesitant to ask for it, and don’t be scared to be vulnerable.

Because of this, you should try to savour every moment of your life.