The Top Thing to Eat: Paris

Written: The Top Thing Staff | July 28, 2023

Must-Try Pastries and Desserts

Visiting Paris is a dream come true for food lovers. With its rich culinary history and delectable offerings, this city is a paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth. From heavenly pastries to mouthwatering desserts, Paris has it all. Here are the top treats you must try during your visit:

French Macarons: A Sweet Delicacy

There’s no better place to indulge in macarons than Paris. These colorful and delicate French cookies have a crispy exterior and a soft, creamy filling. From traditional flavors like raspberry and chocolate to unique combinations like salted caramel and rose, you’ll find a wide variety of macarons in pastry shops across the city. Prepare to be amazed by their melt-in-your-mouth texture and exquisite taste.

2. Croissants: Buttery Flaky Goodness

No visit to Paris is complete without savoring a freshly baked croissant. These crescent-shaped pastries are made with layers of buttery dough, resulting in a flaky and tender texture. Whether enjoyed plain or filled with chocolate or almond paste, a warm croissant is a breakfast staple in Parisian culture. Pair it with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate for a delightful start to your day.

3. Paris-Brest: A Classic Pastry with a Twist

The Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle race inspired the Paris-Brest dessert. This circular pastry has a nutty flavor from choux pastry dough and praline cream. The round design resembles a bicycle wheel, honoring the race. Its crunchy, creamy, and sweet taste will leave you wanting more.

Paris has many other delicious pastries and desserts besides these three. From eclairs and tarts to profiteroles and mille-feuille, the possibilities are boundless.

Visit Paris’ Ladurée, Pierre Hermé, and Angelina bakeries. These bakeries are French baking icons for their amazing offerings.

In Paris, indulge your sweet taste. Enjoy these delicious treats in the city’s bustling culinary scene. Happy eating!


Iconic French Dishes

Paris, the city of love and culinary delight, is a haven for food enthusiasts from all around the world. If you are planning a trip to the capital of France, make sure to try these mouthwatering dishes that have become a part of the city’s culinary heritage.

Escargots de Bourgogne: Snails, Parisian Style

Before you cringe at the thought of eating snails, give Escargots de Bourgogne a chance. This traditional French delicacy consists of snails cooked with garlic, parsley, and butter. The snails are usually served in their shells, and you can use a special fork to extract them. Don’t let the idea of eating snails deter you – they are tender, succulent, and bursting with flavor.

Coq au Vin: A Hearty French Chicken Dish

Coq au Vin is a classic French dish that dates back centuries. It is made with chicken slowly braised in red wine, bacon, mushrooms, and onions. The rich and robust flavors of the wine infuse the chicken, creating a dish that is tender, savory, and utterly satisfying. This hearty dish is best enjoyed with a side of crusty bread to soak up the delicious sauce.

Steak Frites: A French Twist on a Classic

If you are craving a classic steak, look no further than Steak Frites. This French twist on a timeless dish features a perfectly cooked steak served with a generous helping of golden, crispy French fries. The steak, typically a juicy cut like ribeye or sirloin, is often accompanied by a flavorful sauce or butter for added indulgence. Pair it with a glass of French wine, and you have a match made in culinary heaven.

When in Paris, don’t forget to indulge in these iconic French dishes. The city’s culinary scene is a treasure trove of flavors and experiences that will leave your taste buds thanking you. Bon appétit!


Vibrant Street Food and Local Delicacies

Paris is a city that is renowned for its culinary delights, and exploring the local cuisine is an essential part of any visit. From traditional dishes to vibrant street food, there is something to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re a sweet or savory lover, here are the top three must-try foods that will tantalize your taste buds in the City of Lights.

Crêpes: Sweet or Savory Deliciousness

Crêpes are a quintessential French delicacy that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. These thin, delicate pancakes are made of a simple batter consisting of flour, eggs, milk, and a pinch of salt. The magic happens when the batter is poured onto a hot griddle and spread into a thin layer. The result? A golden, lacy pancake that can be filled with an endless variety of ingredients.

French cuisine is renowned for its delicate flavors and exquisite presentation. From the buttery croissants to the rich escargot, Paris offers a diverse gastronomic experience. One cannot miss the opportunity to indulge in the famous French onion soup, a hearty and comforting dish that perfectly combines caramelized onions, rich beef broth, and a cheesy gratin topping. Another must-try is the classic beef bourguignon, a slow-cooked beef stew infused with red wine, mushrooms, and aromatic herbs. Finally, end your culinary adventure with a selection of fine French cheeses, such as Camembert, Roquefort, and Brie, accompanied by a crusty baguette and a glass of red wine. Bon appétit!

For a sweet treat, try a crêpe filled with Nutella, fresh strawberries, and a dusting of powdered sugar. If you prefer something savory, opt for a crêpe filled with ham, cheese, and a drizzle of béchamel sauce. Both options are incredibly delicious and are sure to leave you craving more.

Croque-Monsieur: A Parisian Grilled Cheese

If you’re in the mood for a classic and comforting meal, look no further than the Croque-Monsieur. This Parisian take on a grilled cheese sandwich elevates the simple dish to new heights. A Croque-Monsieur consists of layers of ham and Gruyère cheese sandwiched between two slices of rustic bread. The sandwich is then dipped in egg and grilled until the cheese is melty and the bread is crispy.

The result is a deliciously rich and satisfying sandwich that is perfect for a quick lunch or a hearty snack. Many establishments also offer a variation called Croque-Madame, which adds a fried egg on top. It’s a must-try for cheese lovers and a true taste of Parisian comfort food.

3. Falafel: Middle Eastern Flavors in Paris

Paris has a wide cuisine, including falafel. Falafel stalls and eateries reflect the city’s significant Middle Eastern community. These vegetarian treats are deep-fried chickpea or fava bean patties on warm pita bread with fresh veggies, tahini sauce, and spicy harissa.

Every taste of crispy falafel, tangy sauces, and fresh toppings is a flavor explosion. A falafel is a must-try street snack in Paris that reflects the city’s eclectic cuisine, whether you’re vegetarian or not.

Paris is a foodie’s delight, and these three meals are just the beginning. This city has endless culinary delights, from delicate pastries to robust stews. Explore Paris’ lively street food scene and savor the unique specialties that make it a food lover’s heaven. Happy eating!