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Getting Around Nashville

Written: The Top Thing Staff | October 4, 2023


Transportation Options in Nashville

Public Transportation in Nashville

If you're looking for an affordable and convenient way to get around Nashville, the city offers a variety of public transportation options. The Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) operates buses and the Music City Star commuter train. Buses run throughout the city, with routes that cover major attractions, downtown, and residential areas. The Music City Star train provides service from Lebanon to downtown Nashville during weekdays, making it a great option for commuters.

Additionally, the WeGo Public Transit system offers an extensive bus network that serves the Nashville area and surrounding neighborhoods. WeGo buses feature air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating, making your travel experience enjoyable.

Ride-Sharing Services in Nashville

For a more convenient and personal transportation option, ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are widely available in Nashville. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can request a ride and have a driver pick you up at your location. This is a great option if you're looking for door-to-door service and don't want to rely on public transportation schedules.

Ride-sharing services can be particularly useful if you're traveling with a group or with heavy luggage. They also provide the added benefit of being able to track your driver's location and estimated time of arrival in real-time.

Remember to download the respective ride-sharing app and sign up with your preferred service to start enjoying the convenience of getting around Nashville at your fingertips.

Whether you choose public transportation or ride-sharing services, Nashville offers a range of options to suit your travel needs. So sit back, relax, and enjoy exploring everything this vibrant city has to offer!


Exploring Nashville by Foot

Are you ready to take in all the sights and sounds of Nashville? One of the best ways to do so is by exploring the city on foot. Not only will you be able to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, but you'll also have the freedom to stop and explore at your own pace. Here's everything you need to know about getting around Nashville on foot.

Top Walking Destinations in Nashville

  1. Downtown Nashville: Start your walking adventure in the heart of the city. Take a stroll along Broadway and soak in the live music pouring out from every bar and honky-tonk. Don't forget to check out the famous landmarks like the Country Music Hall of Fame and Ryman Auditorium.

  2. The Gulch: This trendy neighborhood is known for its unique boutiques, art galleries, and upscale restaurants. Take a leisurely walk through the streets and admire the colorful murals that adorn the buildings.

  3. Centennial Park: Escape the city buzz and head to Centennial Park. Enjoy a peaceful walk around the park, visit the iconic Parthenon replica, and take a moment to relax by the lake or in the beautiful gardens.

Tips for Walking in Nashville

  • Wear comfortable shoes: Nashville is a city meant to be explored on foot, so make sure you have comfortable walking shoes to keep you going all day.

  • Stay hydrated: The Southern heat can be unforgiving, especially during the summer months. Carry a water bottle with you to stay hydrated throughout your walking adventure.

  • Use pedestrian-friendly routes: Nashville has numerous sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly paths. Take advantage of these routes to ensure a safe and enjoyable walking experience.

  • Be aware of traffic: While Nashville is a pedestrian-friendly city, it's essential to stay alert and cross streets at designated crosswalks. Look both ways and obey traffic signals.

With these tips in mind, you're ready to explore Nashville on foot. So put on your walking shoes and get ready to immerse yourself in the rich culture and vibrant energy of Music City!


Navigating Nashville by Bike

Traveling around Nashville can be a breeze when you hop on a bike! Exploring the city on two wheels allows you to soak up the sights, enjoy the fresh air, and easily navigate the bustling streets. Here are some tips to help you make the most of biking in Nashville.

Bike Rental Services in Nashville

To start your biking adventure, you'll need a reliable bike. Fortunately, Nashville offers several bike rental services that cater to both locals and tourists. Some popular options include:

  1. Nashville B-cycle: This bike-sharing program has multiple stations throughout the city where you can rent a bike for a short period. Simply download the app, find the nearest station, and unlock a bike to hit the road.

  2. Green Fleet Bicycle Shop: Located near the heart of Nashville, this local bike shop offers bike rentals for different durations. You can choose from a variety of bikes, including hybrids, road bikes, and cruisers, to suit your preferences.

Bike-Friendly Routes and Trails

Once you have your bike, it's time to explore Nashville's bike-friendly routes and trails. The city boasts a network of well-maintained paths that make biking a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are a few routes worth checking out:

  1. Cumberland River Greenway: This scenic trail follows the Cumberland River and offers stunning views of downtown Nashville. It's perfect for a leisurely ride with plenty of scenic spots to take a break.

  2. Shelby Bottoms Greenway: Located in East Nashville, this trail winds through nature preserves and parkland. It's a great choice if you're looking for a longer ride or want to immerse yourself in lush greenery.

  3. Music City Bikeway: A must for music lovers, this route takes you past iconic Nashville landmarks and neighborhoods. Pedal your way through areas like Music Row, The Gulch, and the historic downtown district.

Exploring Nashville on a bike is not only a fun way to get around but also allows you to appreciate the city's unique charm. So grab a bike and start pedaling your way through the vibrant streets of Nashville!


Getting Around Nashville by Car

Car Rental Services in Nashville

If you're visiting Nashville and want the convenience and flexibility of having your own car, renting a car is a great option. The city offers a variety of car rental services, including major companies like Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis, as well as local options such as Nashville International Airport Car Rental and Music City Dream Cars. Make sure to compare prices and book in advance to secure the best deal.

Parking Options and Tips

Finding parking in a bustling city like Nashville can be a challenge, but with a little planning, you can navigate it easily. Here are some parking options and tips to help you out:

  1. Street Parking: There are metered spots available throughout the city, especially in popular tourist areas. Make sure to check the parking signs for any restrictions or time limits.

  2. Parking Garages: Nashville has numerous parking garages and lots where you can park your car for a fee. Some popular options include the Nashville Public Library Parking Garage, Music City Center Garage, and SunTrust Plaza Garage. These garages are often a convenient choice if you plan to explore downtown Nashville.

  3. Rideshare and Transportation Apps: Nashville has a well-established rideshare network with services like Uber and Lyft widely available. These apps can be a convenient way to get around the city without the hassle of finding and paying for parking.

  4. Park and Ride: If you prefer not to drive in Nashville's busy downtown area, consider using the park and ride facilities. These lots are usually located outside the city center and offer shuttle services to popular attractions and areas.

Remember to familiarize yourself with Nashville's traffic rules and regulations, as well as any specific parking restrictions in different areas. With a little planning and knowledge, navigating Nashville by car can be a breeze.


Discovering Nashville by Public Transportation

If you’re planning a trip to Nashville and want to explore the city without the hassle of driving or renting a car, you’re in luck! Nashville offers a convenient and reliable public transportation system that can help you get around the city easily and affordably.

Nashville Bus System

One of the best ways to navigate Nashville is by using the city’s bus system. The Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) operates a network of buses that cover various routes throughout the city. With frequent stops and affordable fares, the bus system is a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. To plan your journey, you can use the MTA’s website or download their mobile app, which provides real-time bus schedules and updates.

Nashville Metro Rail

In addition to the bus system, Nashville also has a metro rail system called the Music City Star. This commuter rail service connects downtown Nashville with surrounding suburbs and offers a convenient alternative for those looking to travel longer distances. You can purchase tickets at the station or through the MTA app and enjoy a comfortable and scenic ride to your destination.

Whether you choose to travel by bus or metro rail, using public transportation in Nashville allows you to experience the city like a local and explore its many attractions without the stress of navigating traffic or finding parking. Plus, it’s a more environmentally friendly option that helps reduce congestion on the roads.

So the next time you visit Nashville, consider taking advantage of the city’s public transportation system. It’s a convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly way to get around and discover all that Music City has to offer.



Navigating Nashville can be a breeze with the right transportation options. Whether you prefer driving, public transportation, or rideshares, there are plenty of ways to get around this vibrant city. By considering your needs, budget, and convenience, you can choose the best transportation method to explore all that Nashville has to offer. Don't forget to download helpful apps, plan your routes in advance, and familiarize yourself with the city's parking options. With a little preparation, you'll be well-equipped to navigate Nashville like a local!

Choosing the Best Transportation Method in Nashville

  1. Driving: If you prefer the freedom and flexibility of driving, renting a car is a great choice. However, keep in mind that parking can be limited and expensive in popular areas. Plan your routes carefully to avoid rush hour traffic, and consider using apps like Waze to navigate the city efficiently.

  2. Public Transportation: Nashville offers a reliable public transportation system, including buses and the Music City Star commuter train. Consider purchasing a day pass for unlimited rides and explore the city without the hassle of parking.

  3. Rideshares: Services like Uber and Lyft are widely available in Nashville. They provide a convenient and cost-effective way to get around, especially if you're traveling in a group or visiting popular attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Nashville walkable? While certain areas of Nashville, such as downtown and the Gulch, are walkable, the city is quite spread out. Consider using alternative transportation methods for longer distances.

  • Can I bike in Nashville? Yes, Nashville has bike-sharing programs and bike lanes for those who prefer cycling. Just make sure to familiarize yourself with the city's bike laws and use caution when riding.

  • Are there any transportation options for music lovers? Of course! Nashville's Music City Circuit is a free bus service that connects popular music and entertainment destinations. Hop on and enjoy the ride!