The Top Thing to Eat: Montreal

Tasting Montreal: A Culinary Tour of the City’s Must- Try Eats A Bite of Montreal: Top Foods to Sample
Montreal is the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec. It is known for having a lively food scene with a unique mix of European and North American tastes. From famous bagels to savoury poutine and sweet treats made with maple syrup, Montreal has a wide range of tasty foods that are sure to please any taste. Here is a list of the best food in Montreal:
Bagels made in the Montreal style are a mix of sweet and dense.
You can’t talk about Montreal food without mentioning the bagel, which is a well-known and loved food in the city. Montreal-style bagels are boiled in honey water before they are baked in wood-fired ovens. This is different from New York-style bagels, which are first boiled and then baked. This makes them taste and feel different from American donuts. They are denser and sweeter.
For real foodies, the question of where to get the best bagel in Montreal is always up for debate. Some people will say that Fairmount Bagel Bakery is the best because of its classic bagels with sesame seeds or pumpernickel bagels filled with cream cheese and lox.
Some people swear by the St-Viateur Bagel Shop, which has been making tasty treats since 1957. The fair thing to do would be to try both.
The city of Montreal is proud of its food culture. From its famous bagels to its tasty poutine, this lively food scene has something for everyone.
Montreal is a mix of different cultures, and you can see this in the different kinds of food you can find all over the city. One of the best things about Montreal’s food scene is how many different kinds of food there are.
You can get everything from traditional Quebecois food to food from all over the world. No matter if you’re a vegetarian or a meat eater, there are many ways to satisfy your hunger.
If you’re planning a trip to Montreal, you can’t miss out on the amazing food culture there. In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the best things to eat in Montreal. Get ready to drool over some seriously delicious dishes!
How and why Montreal-style bagels are different
The bagel has been a common food in Montreal for more than a hundred years. Bagels made in the Montreal style are known for their shape, texture, and taste.
These tasty bread rings are rolled out by hand, boiled in honey water, and then baked in wood-fired ovens. The Montreal-style bagel has been around since the early 1900s, when Jews from Eastern Europe came to North America and brought with them their traditional way of making bagels.
These people moved to the Mile End area of Montreal, where they started making their own version of bagels to sell at local bakeries. Over time, these round treats became an important part of Montreal’s food scene and a must-try for both locals and visitors.
Where in Montreal to Find the Best Bagels
There are a lot of bakeries in Montreal that make bagels every day from scratch. But some places stand out from the rest because of the way they combine flavours and the quality of the ingredients they use. One of these places is St-Viateur Bagel, which has been making fresh bagels and serving them piping hot since 1957.
Their secret recipe calls for the dough to be boiled in honey water before being baked until it is perfectly golden brown. Fairmount Bagel Bakery is another famous option. It has been in business since 1919 and makes delicious treats with sesame seeds on top that keep people waiting in line all day long.
People who want to try something other than traditional flavours like sesame or poppyseed have more choices than ever before. Whether you like peanut butter and jelly or smoked salmon cream cheese spread on your freshly baked bread rings, there’s something for everyone when it comes to finding the best bagels in Montreal.
Poutine is a Canadian specialty that you should try.
If you’ve never been to Montreal before, poutine is a dish you should definitely try. This dish, which is made of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy, is very Canadian and has become a favourite comfort food in Quebec.
Even though it’s easy to make, poutine is very tasty and filling. It’s hard to resist because it has the right amount of crispy fries, squeaky cheese curds, and salty gravy.
What makes a good poutine, though? First, the fries should have a crispy outside and a soft inside.
The cheese curds should be new and squeaky, which means that when you bite into them, they should make a sound. The gravy should be thick and flavorful without being too salty.
Different restaurants in Montreal serve different kinds of poutine. Some add bacon bits or chicken shreds, while others might serve it with foie gras or lobster. Traditionalists, on the other hand, might say that simple is best.
There are also a lot of options for people who are vegetarian or vegan. There are a lot of gravy options that are good for vegetarians, like sauces made from mushrooms or vegan cheese curds made from soy milk.
Some popular places to try this tasty dish are La Banquise, which has more than 30 different kinds, Chez Claudette’s, which looks like a classic diner, and Patati Patata (known for their mini-poutines). When you’re in Montreal, poutine is a must-try, whether you want a late-night snack or a hearty meal to warm you up in the winter.
Smoked Meat Sandwiches
How smoked meat got started in Montreal
Montreal smoked meat is a type of deli meat that has become a staple of the city’s food scene. It is made by salting and curing beef brisket with spices, then hot smoking it for a few hours. As a result, the meat is soft and flavorful, and it has become a symbol of Montreal cuisine.
The Jewish immigrants who moved to the Mile End neighbourhood in the late 1800s are thought to have been the first ones to smoke meat there. These immigrants brought their traditional ways of curing meat with them. Over time, these methods changed into what we now call “smoked meat from Montreal.”
Where in the city to find the best smoked meat sandwiches
If you want to try smoked meat sandwiches in Montreal, you shouldn’t miss the following delis: Schwartz’s Deli: Since 1928, this well-known deli on Saint-Laurent Boulevard has been making smoked meat sandwiches. Hand-sliced meat is used to make their sandwiches, which are served on rye bread with mustard.
2\. Reuben’s Deli & Steakhouse: This restaurant is in downtown Montreal and serves smoked meat sandwiches, platters, and other deli favourites like matzo ball soup and chopped liver. 3. Snowdon Deli: Since 1946, this deli, which is run by a family, has been serving traditional Jewish foods.
Tender beef brisket is piled high on their smoked meat sandwich, which comes on your choice of bread. If you go to Montreal, you have to try their famous smoked meat sandwich.
Treats with Maple Syrup
Quebec is known for its tasty maple syrup treats because it is one of the largest places in the world that makes maple syrup. From sticky maple taffy to flaky maple pie, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and get a taste of Quebec culture in many ways.
How Quebec makes maple syrup
In Quebec, making maple syrup is a traditional and important business. The process starts in late winter, when daytime temperatures start to go above freezing and nighttime temperatures start to go below freezing.
This change in temperature makes the sap in maple trees flow up from the roots and into the branches. To get the sap from the trees, holes are drilled into them and small tubes or buckets are attached.
The sap is then boiled down for a few hours to make maple syrup, which is thick and sweet. About 40 litres of sap are needed to make one litre of maple syrup.
Sweet treats made with maple syrup
Once you’ve tried pure maple syrup from Quebec, you’ll know why it’s worth all the work that goes into making it. Here are some must-try treats made with maple syrup:
This sweet treat is made by pouring hot maple syrup on fresh snow and quickly rolling it up with a popsicle stick or fork. It is also called “tire sur la neige,” which means “pull on snow.” The result is taffy that is soft and chewy, with a hint of sweetness from the woods.
Maple pie is a traditional dessert from Quebec. It is made with pure maple syrup and a rich custard that is poured into a flaky crust. It’s often served warm with whipped cream on top, which is perfect for the cold Canadian winters.
Sugar pie, which is like pecan pie but made with brown sugar and maple syrup instead of corn syrup, and maple-glazed donuts or croissants are two more tasty options. No matter what you choose, you’ll love the sweet taste of Quebec’s most famous export.
Tourtière: A Traditional Quebecois Meat Pie
If you’re in Montreal and looking for a hearty and tasty meal, tourtière is the way to go (pronounced “tour-tee-air”). This dish is a traditional meat pie that has been eaten in Quebec for hundreds of years. If you go there, you should definitely look for it. Tourtière is usually made with ground pork or beef that has been spiced and wrapped in a flaky, buttery pastry crust.
Depending on the recipe, the spices used in the filling can be different, but they usually have savoury flavours like thyme, sage, and cloves. Tourtière can also be made with other kinds of meat, like venison or chicken.
Where to Get the Best Tourtière in Town
If you are in Montreal and want to try a real tourtière, there are a lot of great places to choose from. La Binerie Mont-Royal, which has been around since 1938 and serves traditional Quebecois food, is a popular place. Their tourtière is made with ground pork and spices from the area, and it comes with pickled beets and coleslaw as sides.
Another great option is Le Vieux St-Laurent Café & Bar à Vin. This cozy restaurant is known for serving comfort food with a French twist, and the tourtière is no different.
It’s the perfect meal for a cold night because it’s made with spiced beef, roasted potatoes, and gravy. No matter where in Montreal you decide to try tourtière, make sure you’re hungry, because this dish is filling enough to satisfy even the biggest appetites.
What are the best things to eat?
The food scene in Montreal is something that the city is very proud of. From famous bagels to savoury poutine and sweet treats made with maple syrup, Montreal has something for every taste.
This city will not let you down, whether you are a foodie or just like to try new things. The tourtière is a unique dish that is hard to find outside of Quebecois food. It should be on your list of things you have to try.
Readers are encouraged to go out and find more tasty food in Montreal.
This article has talked about some of the best things to eat in Montreal, but there are many more restaurants and dishes to try. Don’t be afraid to leave the most popular tourist spots to find hidden gems in the city’s different neighbourhoods. You can learn about Montreal’s food scene by going on a food tour with a local guide who knows all the best places.
You can also ask locals for suggestions or just walk around different areas and see what looks interesting. The food scene in Montreal is as varied as it is tasty.
With so many options, from street vendors selling traditional Quebecois snacks to high-end restaurants serving new dishes, there’s no reason not to try everything this city has to offer. So go out and see what you can find!

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