The Most Adventurous Hikes in the World That Will Take Your Breath Away

Written: The Top Thing Staff | June 20, 2023

What makes a hike truly adventurous? Is it the breathtaking scenery, the heart-pumping challenges, or the sense of accomplishment that comes with conquering nature’s obstacles? Well, we’ve scoured the internet, climbed mountains (figuratively), and scraped websites (not literally) to bring you a list of the most adventurous hikes around the world. So fasten your hiking boots, grab your sense of humor, and let’s embark on a journey through some of the most incredible hiking trails!

Adventure Awaits: The Most Thrilling Hiking Trails

  1. West Coast Trail, Canada
    • This iconic coastal trail on Vancouver Island offers stunning ocean views and rugged terrain. It’s so challenging that you’ll need to earn bragging rights for conquering it. Plus, you can ponder its history as it was initially established as a life-saving path!
  2. Tour du Mont Blanc, France, Italy, and Switzerland
    • This trail circles the highest peak in the Alps, Mont Blanc. It will take you through three countries, where you can enjoy regional cuisine and walking. If you like cheese as much as you like hiking, this multicultural circuit is for you!
  3. Laugavegur Trail, Iceland
    • Get ready to enter an otherworldly landscape as you journey through the colorful rhyolite mountains of Iceland. This trail will take you to steaming hot springs, glacial rivers, and swaths of black sand. Prepare for an incredible adventure in this land of fire and ice!
  4. Overland Track, Australia
    • Brace yourself for Tasmania’s pristine wilderness, complete with craggy peaks, glacial lakes, and ancient rainforests. But beware, as challenging terrain and rapidly changing weather conditions may surprise you at every turn. Keep an eye out for curious wildlife along the 45-mile trail!
  5. Kumano Kodo, Japan
    • Walk in the footsteps of ancient pilgrims along one of only two UNESCO World Heritage designated pilgrimage routes. The Kumano Kodo will take you on a tour of mountains, forests, and time-honored shrines. It’s a spiritual and physical journey that usually takes three days to complete.


  1. How long does it take to hike the West Coast Trail in Canada?
    • The West Coast Trail is a multi-day trek that usually takes about 5 to 7 days to complete. It covers approximately 47 miles of challenging terrain, so make sure to pack your hiking boots and determination.
  2. What is the best time to hike the Laugavegur Trail in Iceland?
    • The best time to hike the Laugavegur Trail is during the summer months, from late June to early September. This is when the weather is milder, and you can fully experience the stunning landscapes and natural wonders that Iceland has to offer.
  3. Do I need a permit to hike the Overland Track in Australia?
    • Yes, a permit is required to hike the Overland Track in Tasmania. The trail is limited to a maximum number of hikers each day to preserve its natural beauty. It’s recommended to book your permit in advance, especially during the peak hiking season from October to May.

Embarking on an adventurous hike is not only an opportunity to challenge ourselves physically and mentally but also a chance to immerse ourselves in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. Whether it’s conquering the rugged Canadian coastline, exploring the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland, or embarking on spiritual pilgrimages in Japan, these hikes offer unforgettable experiences for adventurers seeking to push their limits.

Remember, safety and preparedness are crucial when undertaking these adventures. Check the guidelines, secure necessary permits, and pack essential equipment before embarking on your journey. So, grab your backpack, plan your route, and let the adventure begin!

Statistics Source: Travel + Leisure

Image Source: Unsplash